Residents of Pulgacherla collecting water from a Community Pure Water Center

Safe, clean water transforms communities

Community Pure Water works with rural communities to build efficient and sustainable water purification centers.

Since 2009 we've worked with over 300 villages to ensure communities in need have reliable access to safe, clean water.
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Your contribution directly supports the installation of new water purifications centers serving at least 500 families and as many as 2,500 people each.
India ranks 120th out of 122 in the world for water quality.
Over 300,000,000 in rural India lack reliable access to safe, clean  water.
240,000 people die from waterborne illness every year, over 60,000 of them children.

News & Updates

Yesgi's water had unsafe levels of fluoride and magnesium. With support from the Krishnan-Shah Foundation, we worked with Yesgi residents to create a new Water Purification Center to treat the village's water and ensure that every resident has access to safe, clean water.
In 2011 Community Pure Water worked with Mangalpalli village to install a water purification center. Today, as many as 100 families collect water from this center a day. We spoke to Mrs. Subhadramma about how the plant has improved life in her village.
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