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A Legacy of Longevity & Lifelong Commitment

Amidst the rustic landscape of rural India, where abandoned water plants stand as silent witnesses of fleeting efforts, there exists a radiant oasis. Nestled within the heart of the village, CPW’s Mangalpally center has been a steadfast source of safe, purified water for 13 years now. Its enduring presence continues to ripple through the lives of villagers, shaping a brighter, healthier future for all.

Community Pure Water’s safe water intervention transcends beyond merely installing water purification centers in rural communities; they are catalysts for lasting change. Through our Install, Operate, Maintain (IOM) model, we ensure sustainable, reliable access to safe water day after day, year after year. Let’s delve into how our intervention causes transformation for generations to come.

Install: Our journey begins with community partnership. Selected villages provide the necessary infrastructure, including raw water, electrical connections, and structures to house the water purification center. CPW technicians step in to install the purification equipment and train local operators. This partnership sets the stage for self-sufficiency, empowering communities to take charge of their water resources.

Operate: Central to our model is community involvement. Each water purification plant is operated by a village-nominated attendant, trained by CPW technicians. Rural communities support plant operations by purchasing water at a nominal price. This fee, less than 35 paise per liter, covers operation, maintenance costs, as well as the salaries of local and regional technicians. It’s a sustainable cycle where communities invest in their own well-being.

Maintain: The key to longevity lies in vigilant maintenance. Our expert regional technical staff monitors plant functioning and water quality daily, ensuring optimal performance. Scheduled maintenance is carried out promptly, with repairs and replacements made within 24 hours thanks to our extensive network of equipment and parts warehouses. Our 24/7 call center ensures continuous support, ensuring each water purification center remains fully operational at all times.

Through the success of our community-centric, financially sustainable model, over 95% of our centers have sustained continuous operation at > 98% uptime.

But our impact extends beyond the tangible infrastructure. By providing clean water, we alleviate the burden of waterborne illnesses, enhancing community health and well-being. Children can attend school regularly, mothers can focus on income-generating activities, and fathers can boost their productive hours. With improved health and increased productivity, families break free from the cycle of poverty, laying the foundation for a brighter future.

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When safe water flows, so does possibility. Women can earn an income. Kids have the time and health to go to school. Families can look ahead to bright futures.

Be an agent of change.


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