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This World Water Day, Lakshmi Pratury, Founder & CEO of INKTalks hosts a discussion on the issues of water safety and availability with the founder of Community Pure Water Ravi Reddy, Chief Philanthropy Officer Sumeet Rawla, and impact investor and member of the board of directors, Bill Beecher.

In 1992 at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, the United Nations proposed making March 22nd “World Water Day,” and ratified the proposal later that year. Since then, March 22nd has been a day to call attention to the urgent need around the world for making fresh water affordable, accessible, and safe to drink.

The aim of World Water Day is to align the global community in reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of making safe water and sanitation services available for all by 2030.

World Water Day 2022, Lakshmi Pratury, founder & CEO of INKTalks, hosted a discussion with the founder of Community Pure Water, Ravi Reddy, along with CPW Chief of Philanthropy, Sumeet Rawla, and impact investor and member of the board of directors Bill Beecher to address the challenges but also the opportunities for solving these issues.

Discussion topics included the founding of Community Pure Water and its history, the obstacles India faces to providing safe water to its nearly one billion people, and the importance of community involvement in ensuring that solutions are effective, comprehensive, and above all sustainable.

“One of the things I saw in my work as well as my travels is, I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but it’s easier to get something done; it’s harder to stick with it and sustain it. That’s always a challenge in any endeavor,” Bill explained. “Ravi and his team have come up with a strong methodology and a sustainable operation to achieve that.”

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When safe water flows, so does possibility. Women can earn an income. Kids have the time and health to go to school. Families can look ahead to bright futures.

Be an agent of change.


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