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Heatwaves are Increasing Stress on India’s Water Supply

Extreme heatwaves across India are creating increased demand on India’s water supply from both consumption and agriculture
India is currently suffering from extreme heatwaves throughout much of the country. Global climate change is likely to make these early heatwaves more likely, creating multiple challenges for India’s water security.

Although much of India’s agriculture is fed by seasonal monsoons, 90% of India’s groundwater is still used for agricultural irrigation. Extreme heatwaves and increased global demand for grain caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine have meant farmers are relying more heavily on India’s already stressed water supply, bringing renewed urgency for improved water management across India.

The increased demand doesn’t only threaten water supply, it also impacts water quality. As groundwater depletes, the remaining water in aquifers is left with higher concentrations of minerals and contaminants like salt, fluoride, and arsenic. Those forced to rely on water with high concentrations of these minerals can develop long-term and debilitating health problems.

Community Pure Water’s water purification centers employ a five-stage water purification process that removes over 99% of contaminants, making water with otherwise high concentrations of dangerous contaminants like fluoride and arsenic safe to drink. While water purification can only be part of the solution to India’s water security needs, it is an important part of reducing waste and improving health for communities most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

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When safe water flows, so does possibility. Women can earn an income. Kids have the time and health to go to school. Families can look ahead to bright futures.

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