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One Man’s Ingenuity Around Clean Water Transforms His Life Forever

Using his ingenuity, 26-year old Nagaraju has built a thriving business centred around CPW’s water purification plant in Kudikilla village, Telangana. He started 6 years ago as the Plant Operator, taking care of the daily functioning of the water purification center. Anyone who would come to buy water would pay 5 rupees for a 20-liter can but Nagaraju offered to deliver this purified water directly to people’s homes at an extra charge. Over time, he was able to purchase a delivery van and expand his business, with his wife Nirmala playing a dependable supporting role. 

Nagaraju says, This plant has been very beneficial for me. When I deliver purified water to people’s homes, I charge a higher rate of 10 rupees per can. With the money that’s generated, I am paying for the plant’s maintenance and electricity, as well as the EMI for my delivery van. I’m even left with a bit of profit with which I’m able to take care of my family. I’m selling about 4000 liters per day.

Two years ago, he took his business to the next level by investing in a water chiller. There was a huge demand for chilled water, especially at weddings and village events, and he seized the opportunity with both hands. Today, he sells chilled water at 30 rupees per can, earning him additional income during summer months. 

Nagaraju and his wife also provide Internet and Photocopy services out of this water purification center. While her husband goes out to deliver water door-to-door, Nirmala takes care of the plant and their business’ daily operations. 

Together, Nagaraju and Nirmala have transformed their lives, with CPW’s purified water at the heart of their successful operation. They are now able to save up enough money so they can buy their dream home and pay for better education for their kids. We salute their enterprising spirit and wish them even more success in times to come.

Want to know more about Nagaraju? Watch his interview here: Instagram

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