We’re Proud to Announce Our Partnership with Friends of Water – Community Pure Water
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We’re Proud to Announce Our Partnership with Friends of Water

Community Pure Water is proud to announce our new partnership with Friends of Water Club. Friends of Water is an organization in Europe on a mission to make sure no Indian in need has to drink contaminated water ever again.

Friends of Water is building a club of donors dedicated to everyone having access to clean drinking water.  The money Friends of Water raises will go directly to funding the installation of water purification centers in India, and Community Pure Water will be working as their local partner for installation, maintenance, and community engagement. 

Friends of Water understands that the work of making safe drinking water available to all depends not just on infrastructure, but also on community education, engagement, and empowerment. That is why they chose to work with Community Pure Water. They recognize that our sustainable model and commitment to building strong partnerships with rural communities enables us to create lasting impact – impact that can be measured in better health outcomes and greater economic opportunities today and into the coming generations. Am asking you to help us in this effort. We are very grateful for your generous support.

Together, Friends of Water and Community Pure Water will work to make safe drinking water affordable, accessible, and available 24/7 to communities throughout rural India. 

You can help by visiting their site at friendsofwater.club and donating today. 100% of your donation builds water purification centers.

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When safe water flows, so does possibility. Women can earn an income. Kids have the time and health to go to school. Families can look ahead to bright futures.

Be an agent of change.


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